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Kos, A. Co Author Listing * 3D audio in human-computer interfaces
* Surface Velocity Response of a Tropical Glacier to Intra and Inter Annual Forcing, Cordillera Blanca, Peru, The
* Using ASM in CT Data Segmentaion for Prostate Radiotherapy
Includes: Kos, A. Kos, A.[Andrew] Kos, A.[Artur]

Kos, M. Co Author Listing * Influence of Hangover and Hangbefore Criteria on Automatic Speech Recognition
* Influence of Speech/Non-Speech Segmentation on On-Line and Off-Line Speaker Segmentation Accuracy, The
* On-Line Speech/Music Segmentation for Broadcast News Domain
* Pulse rate variability and blood oxidation content identification using miniature wearable wrist device
* Quick and efficient definition of hangbefore and hangover criteria for voice activity detection
* Tennis stroke detection and classification using miniature wearable IMU device

Kos, S.[Serdjo] Co Author Listing * Contribution to the Research of the Effects of Etna Volcano Activity on the Features of the Ionospheric Total Electron Content Behaviour
* New Approach for Improving GNSS Geodetic Position by Reducing Residual Tropospheric Error (RTE) Based on Surface Meteorological Data, A

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