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Kozu, T. Co Author Listing * Texture Statistics for Classification of Land Use with Multitemporal JERS-1 SAR Single-Look Imagery

Kozubek, M. Co Author Listing * Automated multi-view 3D image acquisition in human genome research
* Automatic Fusion of Segmentation and Tracking Labels
* Climatology and Long-Term Trends in the Stratospheric Temperature and Wind Using ERA5
* Comparison of Fast Level Set-Like Algorithms for Image Segmentation in Fluorescence Microscopy, A
* Fast Level Set-Like Algorithm for Region-Based Active Contours, A
* Fast Point-Based 3-D Alignment of Live Cells
* High-Resolution Cytometry Network Project: Client/Server System for 3D Optical Microscope Data Storage and Analysis
* High-resolution cytometry network project: Towards remote and distributed acquisition, processing and visualisation of 3D image data in human genome research
* Quantification of the 3D collagen network geometry in confocal reflection microscopy
* Quantitative Bioimaging: Signal Processing in Light Microscopy
* Segmentation of Touching Cell Nuclei Using a Two-Stage Graph Cut Model
* Smooth Chan-Vese segmentation via graph cuts
* Toward a Morphodynamic Model of the Cell: Signal processing for cell modeling
* Two-Phase Segmentation of Cell Nuclei Using Fast Level Set-Like Algorithms, A
Includes: Kozubek, M. Kozubek, M.[Michal]
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Kozuch, M.[Miroslav] Co Author Listing * Mapping Soil Degradation on Arable Land with Aerial Photography and Erosion Models, Case Study from Danube Lowland, Slovakia
Includes: Kozuch, M.[Miroslav] Kožuch, M.[Miroslav]

Kozuka, K.[Kazuki] Co Author Listing * AutoDO: Robust AutoAugment for Biased Data with Label Noise via Scalable Probabilistic Implicit Differentiation
* CFLOW-AD: Real-Time Unsupervised Anomaly Detection with Localization via Conditional Normalizing Flows
* Home Action Genome: Cooperative Compositional Action Understanding
* Learning Multiple Complex Features Based on Classification Results
* Multiple View Geometry for Non-rigid Motions Viewed from Translational Cameras
* Rectification of 3D Data Obtained from Moving Range Sensors by using Multiple View Geometry
* Risky Region Localization with Point Supervision
* Transfer learning method using multi-prediction deep Boltzmann machines for a small scale dataset
Includes: Kozuka, K.[Kazuki] Kozuka, K.
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