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Kuesten, C. Co Author Listing * Human Skin Gloss Perception Based on Texture Statistics

Kuester, F.[Falko] Co Author Listing * Automatic object and image alignment using Fourier Descriptors
* Comprehensive Digital Documentation and Preliminary Structural Assessment of Satunsat: a Unique Maya Architectural Labyrinth At Oxkintok, Yucatan, Mexico
* Cultural Analytics in Large-Scale Visualization Environments
* Dealing with Archaeology's Data Avalanche
* Distributed and Collaborative Biomedical Data Exploration
* Factorization of Correspondence and Camera Error for Unconstrained Dense Correspondence Applications
* Focused Volumetric Visual Hull with Color Extraction
* GPU-Based Active Contour Segmentation Using Gradient Vector Flow
* Informing Historical Preservation with the Use of Non-destructive Diagnostic Techniques: A Case Study at Ecab, Quintana Roo, Mexico
* Interactive Classification of Construction Materials: Feedback Driven Framework for Annotation And Analysis of 3D Point Clouds
* Non-Parametric Sequential Frame Decimation for Scene Reconstruction in Low-Memory Streaming Environments
* Ray Divergence-Based Bundle Adjustment Conditioning for Multi-view Stereo
* Splatty- A Unified Image Demosaicing and Rectification Method
Includes: Kuester, F.[Falko] Kuester, F.
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Kuester, M.[Michele] Co Author Listing * Bi-Directional Reflectance Factor Determination of the Railroad Valley Playa
* Observations and Recommendations for Coordinated Calibration Activities of Government and Commercial Optical Satellite Systems

Kuester, T.[Theres] Co Author Listing * EnMAP Spaceborne Imaging Spectroscopy Mission for Earth Observation, The
* S2eteS: An End-to-End Modeling Tool for the Simulation of Sentinel-2 Image Products
* Simulation of Multitemporal and Hyperspectral Vegetation Canopy Bidirectional Reflectance Using Detailed Virtual 3-D Canopy Models
* Structural and Spectral Analysis of Cereal Canopy Reflectance and Reflectance Anisotropy
Includes: Kuester, T.[Theres] Kuester, T.

Kuestner, T. Co Author Listing * Non-Rigid Respiratory Motion Estimation of Whole-Heart Coronary MR Images Using Unsupervised Deep Learning

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