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Kulshreshth, A. Co Author Listing * Real-time markerless kinect based finger tracking and hand gesture recognition for HCI

Kulshreshtha, A.[Ashutosh] Co Author Listing * iPURE: Perceptual and User-friendly REtrieval of Images

Kulshreshtha, D. Co Author Listing * Automated digital mammogram segmentation using Dispersed Region Growing and Sliding Window Algorithm
* Content-based mammogram retrieval using k-means clustering and local binary pattern

Kulshreshtha, P. Co Author Listing * Online Algorithm for Constrained Face Clustering in Videos, An

Kulshrestha, A.[Anurag] Co Author Listing * Sinkhole Scanner: A New Method to Detect Sinkhole-Related Spatio-Temporal Patterns in InSAR Deformation Time Series

Kulski, A. Co Author Listing * Postarthroplasty Examination Using X-Ray Images

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