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La Gatta, V.[Valerio] Co Author Listing * PASTLE: Pivot-aided space transformation for local explanations

La Grassa, R.[Riccardo] Co Author Listing * Binary Classification Using Pairs of Minimum Spanning Trees or N-Ary Trees
* Dynamic Decision Boundary for One-class Classifiers applied to non-uniformly Sampled Data
* EnGraf-Net: Multiple Granularity Branch Network with Fine-Coarse Graft Grained for Classification Task
* Image and Text fusion for UPMC Food-101 using BERT and CNNs
* Improving the Efficient Neural Architecture Search via Rewarding Modifications
* Learning to Navigate in the Gaussian Mixture Surface
* Sentinel 2 Time Series Analysis with 3D Feature Pyramid Network and Time Domain Class Activation Intervals for Crop Mapping
* Visual Word Embedding for Text Classification
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La Guardia, M. Co Author Listing * Augmented Reality for Cultural Heritage: The Rebirth of a Historical Square
* BIM Modelling of Ancient Buildings
* Definition of a Workflow for Web Browsing of 3D Models in Archaeology
* Globe Based 3D GIS Solutions for Virtual Heritage
* Main Features of a 3D GIS for A Monumental Complex with An Historical-cultural Relevance
* Sharing On Web 3d Models Of Ancient Theatres. A Methodological Workflow
* Virtualization of CH for Historical Reconstruction: the AR Fruition Of the Fountain of St. George Square In Valletta (Malta), The
Includes: La Guardia, M. La Guardia, M.[Marcello]
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