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LaJeunesse, T.C.[Todd C.] Co Author Listing * Spectral Reflectance of Palauan Reef-Building Coral with Different Symbionts in Response to Elevated Temperature

Lajevardi, S.M.[Seyed Mehdi] Co Author Listing * Automatic facial expression recognition: Feature extraction and selection
* Averaged Gabor Filter Features for Facial Expression Recognition
* Emotion recognition from color facial images based on multilinear image analysis and Log-Gabor filters
* Facial expression recognition from image sequences using optimized feature selection
* Facial Expression Recognition in Perceptual Color Space
* Facial Expression Recognition Using Neural Networks and Log-Gabor Filters
* Hand vein authentication using biometric graph matching
* Novel Gabor Filter Selection Based on Spectral Difference and Minimum Error Rate for Facial Expression Recognition, A
* Novel higher-order local autocorrelation-like feature extraction methodology for facial expression recognition
* Retina Verification System Based on Biometric Graph Matching
* Structural similarity classifier for facial expression recognition
Includes: Lajevardi, S.M.[Seyed Mehdi] Lajevardi, S.M.
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