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Le Saux, B.[Bertrand] Co Author Listing * Beyond RGB: Very high resolution urban remote sensing with multimodal deep networks
* Combining SVM and Graph Matching in a Bayesian Multiple Classifier System for Image Content Recognition
* Deep Depth from Defocus: How Can Defocus Blur Improve 3D Estimation Using Dense Neural Networks?
* Distance transform regression for spatially-aware deep semantic segmentation
* Feature Selection for Graph-Based Image Classifiers
* Flood Detection In Time Series of Optical and Sar Images
* Fully Convolutional Siamese Networks for Change Detection
* Interactive Design of Object Classifiers in Remote Sensing
* Joint Learning from Earth Observation and OpenStreetMap Data to Get Faster Better Semantic Maps
* Multitask learning for large-scale semantic change detection
* Onera Satellite Change Detection (OSCD) Database
* Pix2Point: Learning Outdoor 3D Using Sparse Point Clouds and Optimal Transport
* Prompt-RSVQA: Prompting visual context to a language model for Remote Sensing Visual Question Answering
* Real-world Hyperspectral Image Processing Workflow for Vegetation Stress and Hydrocarbon Indirect Detection, A
* Segment-before-Detect: Vehicle Detection and Classification through Semantic Segmentation of Aerial Images
* Semantic Segmentation of Earth Observation Data Using Multimodal and Multi-scale Deep Networks
* Semi-Supervised Deep Learning Framework for Change Detection in Open-Pit Mines Using SAR Imagery, A
* SnapNet-R: Consistent 3D Multi-view Semantic Labeling for Robotics
* Unsupervised robust clustering for image database categorization
Includes: Le Saux, B.[Bertrand] Le Saux, B.
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Le Scouarnec, N.[Nicolas] Co Author Listing * Quicker ADC: Unlocking the Hidden Potential of Product Quantization With SIMD

Le Scouarnec, R. Co Author Listing * New Reliable Boresight Calibration Method for Mobile Laser Scanning Applications, A

Le Sommer, J.[Julien] Co Author Listing * Development of an Image De-Noising Method in Preparation for the Surface Water and Ocean Topography Satellite Mission
* Reduction of Spatially Structured Errors in Wide-Swath Altimetric Satellite Data Using Data Assimilation
* SWOT Spatial Scales in the Western Mediterranean Sea Derived from Pseudo-Observations and an Ad Hoc Filtering

Le Sueur, H.[Helen] Co Author Listing * Counterphase modulation photometry: comparison of two instruments

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