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Lii, J.C.[Jen Chyou] Co Author Listing * Use of character recognition and syntax in locating address paragraphs in complex documents
Includes: Lii, J.C.[Jen Chyou] Lii, J.C.[Jen-Chyou]

Lii, K.[Ke] Co Author Listing * Volume visualization for out-of-core 3D images based on semi-adaptive partitioning

Lii, K.S.[Keh Shin] Co Author Listing * joint estimation approach for two-tone image deblurring by blind deconvolution, A
Includes: Lii, K.S.[Keh Shin] Lii, K.S.[Keh-Shin]

Lii, S.Y.[Shing Yeu] Co Author Listing * Ice melting simulation with water flow handling
Includes: Lii, S.Y.[Shing Yeu] Lii, S.Y.[Shing-Yeu]

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