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Livens, S.[Stefan] Co Author Listing * Classification of corrosion images by wavelet signatures and LVQ networks
* Color texture classification by wavelet energy correlation signatures
* Compact Hyperspectral Imaging System (cosi) For Small Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (rpas): System Overview And First Performance Evaluation Results
* Compression of Remote Sensing Images for the PROBA-V Satellite Mission
* Geospectral Camera: A Compact and Geometrically Precise Hyperspectral and High Spatial Resolution Imager, The
* Granulometric Segmentation Using a Gradient Convergence Map
* On the Local Optimality of Image Quantizers
* Rayleigh, Deep Convective Clouds, and Cross-Sensor Desert Vicarious Calibration Validation for the PROBA-V Mission
* Wavelet correlation signatures for color texture characterization
Includes: Livens, S.[Stefan] Livens, S.
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Liveris, A.D. Co Author Listing * Nested convolutional-turbo codes for the binary Wyner-Ziv problem

Livescu, D.[Dorel] Co Author Listing * Creating a Unified, Wide-Area Activity Map for Multi-Camera Networks

Livescu, G.[Gabriela] Co Author Listing * Transparent watermarking using bidirectional imaging

Livescu, K.[Karen] Co Author Listing * Fingerspelling Detection in American Sign Language
* Fingerspelling Recognition in the Wild With Iterative Visual Attention
* Fingerspelling Recognition with Semi-Markov Conditional Random Fields
* Multistream Articulatory Feature-Based Models for Visual Speech Recognition
* Visual Speech Recognition with Loosely Synchronized Feature Streams
Includes: Livescu, K.[Karen] Livescu, K.

Livesley, S.J.[Stephen J.] Co Author Listing * Terrestrial Laser Scanning to Predict Canopy Area Metrics, Water Storage Capacity, and Throughfall Redistribution in Small Trees

Livesu, M.[Marco] Co Author Listing * Extracting curve-skeletons from digital shapes using occluding contours

Livet, J. Co Author Listing * Neural Cell Segmentation in Large-Scale 3D Color Fluorescence Microscopy Images for Developemental Neuroscience

Livet, N.[Nicolas] Co Author Listing * Shape and Appearance Based Sequenced Convnets to Detect Real-Time Face Attributes on Mobile Devices

Livezey, J.A.[Jesse A.] Co Author Listing * Hangul Fonts Dataset: A Hierarchical and Compositional Dataset for Investigating Learned Representations

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