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Lursinsap, C. Co Author Listing * 3-D CA-based edge operator for 3-D images, A
* Displacement BDD and geometric transformations of binary decision diagram encoded images
* divide-and-conquer approach to the pairwise opposite class-nearest neighbor (POC-NN) algorithm, A
* Handling imbalanced data sets with synthetic boundary data generation using bootstrap re-sampling and AdaBoost techniques
* Imputing incomplete time-series data based on varied-window similarity measure of data sequences
* supervised neural network approach to invariant image recognition, A
* Unified Approach to Detection and Identification of Commercial Films by Temporal Occurrence Pattern
Includes: Lursinsap, C. Lursinsap, C.[Chidchanok]
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Lursinsap, C.L. Co Author Listing * Face detection and facial feature localization without considering the appearance of image context
* Face Recognition by Feature Orientation and Feature Geometry Matching

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