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Mesmakhosroshahi, M.[Maral] Co Author Listing * Fast depth estimation using spatio-temporal prediction for stereo-based pedestrian detection
* Improving spatio-temporal feature extraction techniques and their applications in action classification
* Reducing search space for fast pedestrian detection
* Stereo based region of interest generation for pedestrian detection in driver assistance systems

Mesman, B.[Bart] Co Author Listing * Efficiency Optimization of Trainable Feature Extractors for a Consumer Platform
* Fast Hough Transform on GPUs: Exploration of Algorithm Trade-Offs
* Feasibility Analysis of Ultra High Frame Rate Visual Servoing on FPGA and SIMD Processor
* Real-Time Hough Transform on 1-D SIMD Processors: Implementation and Architecture Exploration
* Real-time implementations of Hough Transform on SIMD architecture

Mesmin, C. Co Author Listing * Recursive Estimation of Parameters of Straight Lines and Circles: Application to the Segmentation of the Rey's Complex Figure

Mesmoudi, M.M.[Mohammed Mostefa] Co Author Listing * Concentrated Curvature for Mean Curvature Estimation in Triangulated Surfaces
* Decomposing non-manifold objects in arbitrary dimensions
* Discrete Distortion for Surface Meshes
* Multiresolution Analysis of 3D Images Based on Discrete Distortion
* Smale-Like Decomposition and Forman Theory for Discrete Scalar Fields
* smale-like decomposition for discrete scalar fields, A
* Surface Segmentation through Concentrated Curvature
* Topological Analysis and Characterization of Discrete Scalar Fields
Includes: Mesmoudi, M.M.[Mohammed Mostefa] Mesmoudi, M.M.[Mostefa M.]
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