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Milgram, D.L. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Techniques for Photomosaicking
* Clustering Edge Values for Threshold Selection
* Computer Methods for Creating Photomosaics
* Constructing Trees for Region Description
* Development System for Machine Vision, A
* Edge Point Linking Using Convergent Evidence
* Final Report
* Note on Scattered Context Grammars, A
* Piecewise Approximation of Pictures Using Maximal Neighborhoods
* Progress in Navigation Using Passively Sensed Images
* Progress Report of Segmentation Using Convergent Evidence
* Range Image Processing: Planar Surface Extraction
* Recursive Region Extraction
* Reduction Operations for Constraint Satisfaction
* Region Extraction Using Convergent Evidence
* Segmentation Using Convergent Evidence
Includes: Milgram, D.L. Milgram, D.L.[David L.]
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Milgram, J.[Jonathan] Co Author Listing * Combining Model-based and Discriminative Approaches in a Modular Two-stage Classification System: Application to Isolated Handwritten Digit Recognition
* DeepVisage: Making Face Recognition Simple Yet With Powerful Generalization Skills
* Two-stage classification system combining model-based and discriminative approaches
Includes: Milgram, J.[Jonathan] Milgram, J.

Milgram, M.[Maurice] Co Author Listing * Action Recognition with Global Features
* Action Recognition with Semi-global Characteristics and Hidden Markov Models
* Automatic Allograph Selection and Multiple Expert Classification for Totally Unconstrained Handwritten Character Recognition
* Boundary Detection and Skeletonization with a Massively Parallel Architecture
* Classifier Combination for Face Localization in Color Images
* Combined Classifiers for Action Recognition
* Combining model-based and discriminative classifiers: Application to handwritten character recognition
* Combining online and offline learning for tracking a talking face in video
* Constraint Tangent Distance for On-Line Character Recognition
* Dynamic character recognition using an elastic matching
* Dynamic recognition in the omni-writer frame: Application to hand-printed text recognition
* Generic Facial Encoding for Shape Alignment with Active Models
* Head pan angle estimation by a nonlinear regression on selected features
* Head Pose Determination Using Synthetic Images
* Head Pose Estimation by a Stepwise Nonlinear Regression
* Hough Transform with projection for velocity estimation, A
* Hybrid generative/discriminative classifier for unconstrained character recognition
* hybrid resampling framework for facial shape alignment, A
* Learning global cost function for face alignment
* Modelizing character allographs in omni-scriptor frame: A New Non-Supervised Clustering Algorithm
* Motion detection, labeling, data association and tracking, in real-time on RISC computer
* Multi features hybrid Active Shape Model for automated lip contours tracking in video sequence
* Multi features models for robust lip tracking
* Multi-stage Combination of Geometric and Colorimetric Detectors for Eyes Localization
* New and Efficient Cellular Algorithms for Image Processing
* novel approach for recognition of human actions with semi-global features, A
* Objects Velocity Estimation on Images Sequences by Hough Transform with Projection (HTP)
* Online Active Feature Model for lip tracking
* Oriented-Contour Point Based Voting Algorithm for Vehicle Type Classification, An
* Real Time Fingers Detection by Symmetry Transform Using a Two Cameras System, A
* Real time tracking of multiple persons using elementary tracks
* Real-time facial feature localization by combining space displacement neural networks
* Recognition of human behavior by space-time silhouette characterization
* Recursive Shape and Pose Determination Using Deformable Model
* Robust Lip Contours Localization and Tracking Using Multi Features: Statistical Shape Models
* Self-supervised adaptation for on-line script text recognition
* Self-supervised writer adaptation using perceptive concepts: application to on-line text recognition
* Semi Adaptive Appearance Models for lip tracking
* Static and Dynamic Classifier Fusion for Character Recognition
* Trajectories extraction from image sequences based on kinematic
Includes: Milgram, M.[Maurice] Milgram, M.
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Milgrom, B. Co Author Listing * Improving Object Imaging With Sea Glinted Background Using Polarization Method: Analysis and Operator Survey

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