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Moth, L. Co Author Listing * Automatic Modelling of 3d Trees Using Aerial Lidar Point Cloud Data And Deep Learning

Mothe, F.[Frederic] Co Author Listing * Ant Colony Optimization for Estimating Pith Position on Images of Tree Log Ends
* Knot Detection in X-Ray CT Images of Wood
* Knot segmentation in 3D CT images of wet wood
* Robust Knot Segmentation by Knot Pith Tracking in 3D Tangential Images
Includes: Mothe, F.[Frederic] Mothe, F.[Frédéric]

Mothe, J. Co Author Listing * Interactive Visual User Interfaces: A Survey

Mothershed, D.M.[David Michael] Co Author Listing * Comparison and Evaluation of Algorithms for LiDAR-Based Contour Estimation in Integrated Vehicle Safety

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