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Moye, A.J.[Amir J.] Co Author Listing * Computational Model of Focused Attention Meditation and Its Transfer to a Sustained Attention Task, A

Moyer, C.B. Co Author Listing * Wall-Motion Based Analysis of Global and Regional Left Atrial Mechanics

Moyer, D.[David] Co Author Listing * JPSS-1 VIIRS Pre-Launch Response Versus Scan Angle Testing and Performance
* JPSS-1VIIRS Prelaunch Polarization Testing and Performance
* On-Orbit Characterization of S-NPP VIIRS Transmission Functions
* Pre-Launch JPSS-2 VIIRS Response Versus Scan Angle Characterization
* Pre-Launch Radiometric Characterization of JPSS-1 VIIRS Thermal Emissive Bands
* Pre-launch Radiometric Characterization of JPSS-2 VIIRS Thermal Emissive Bands
Includes: Moyer, D.[David] Moyer, D.

Moyer, J.D.[Jonathan D.] Co Author Listing * Estimation and Mapping of Sub-National GDP in Uganda Using NPP-VIIRS Imagery

Moyer, K.[Katy] Co Author Listing * Team MIT Urban Challenge Technical Report

Moyes, H.[Holley] Co Author Listing * Ancient Maya Regional Settlement and Inter-Site Analysis: The 2013 West-Central Belize LiDAR Survey

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