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Mozo, R.M.N.[Ray Mari N.] Co Author Listing * Non-trivial Feature Derivation For Intensifying Feature Detection Using Lidar Datasets Through Allometric Aggregation Data Analysis Applying Diffused Hierarchical Clustering For Discriminating Agricultural Land Cover In Portions Of Northern Mindanao, Philippines

Mozos, D. Co Author Listing * Extremely Pipelined FPGA Implementation of a Lossy Hyperspectral Image Compression Algorithm, An
* FPGA Accelerator for Real-Time Lossy Compression of Hyperspectral Images, An
* FPGA Implementation of the N-FINDR Algorithm for Remotely Sensed Hyperspectral Image Analysis
* FPGA implementation of the principal component analysis algorithm for dimensionality reduction of hyperspectral images
* Hyperspectral Image Compression Using Vector Quantization, PCA and JPEG2000
* novel FPGA-based architecture for the estimation of the virtual dimensionality in remotely sensed hyperspectral images, A
* Parallel Implementation of the CCSDS 1.2.3 Standard for Hyperspectral Lossless Compression
* Promise of Reconfigurable Computing for Hyperspectral Imaging Onboard Systems: A Review and Trends, The
Includes: Mozos, D. Mozos, D.[Daniel]
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Mozos, O.M.[Oscar Martinez] Co Author Listing * Two-dimensional local ternary patterns using synchronized images for outdoor place categorization

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