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Muzi, F. Co Author Listing * Acoustic Signal Processing to Diagnose Transiting Electric Trains

Muzi, M. Co Author Listing * Kinetic Quantitation of Cerebral PET-FDG Studies Without Concurrent Blood Sampling: Statistical Recovery of the Arterial Input Function
* Patient-Adaptive Population-Based Modeling of Arterial Input Functions
Includes: Muzi, M. Muzi, M.[Mark]

Muzi, R.[Riccardo] Co Author Listing * Sliding Time Master Digital Image Correlation Analyses of CubeSat Images for landslide Monitoring: The Rattlesnake Hills Landslide (USA)

Muzic, R. Co Author Listing * Semi-Local Paradigm for Wavelet Denoising, A
Includes: Muzic, R. Muzic, Jr., R.

Muzic, R.F.[Raymond F.] Co Author Listing * Cross-domain, soft-partition clustering with diversity measure and knowledge reference
* Distributed versus compartment models for PET receptor studies
* mDixon-Based Synthetic CT Generation for PET Attenuation Correction on Abdomen and Pelvis Jointly Using Transfer Fuzzy Clustering and Active Learning-Based Classification
* mDixon-based synthetic CT generation via transfer and patch learning
* Method to Correct for Scatter, Spillover, and Partial Volume Effects in Region of Interest Analysis in PET, A
* Nonlinear Spatially Variant Object-Dependent System Model for Prediction of Partial Volume Effects and Scatter in PET, A
* Optimal experiment design for PET quantification of receptor concentration
Includes: Muzic, R.F.[Raymond F.] Muzic, Jr., R.F.[Raymond F.] Muzic, Jr., R.F. Muzic, R.F.
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Muzik, O. Co Author Listing * Approach for Intersubject Analysis of 3D Brain Images Based on Conformal Geometry, An
* Quantitative analysis of diffusion tensor images across subjects using probabilistic tractography
Includes: Muzik, O. Muzik, O.[Otto]

Muzinich, N. Co Author Listing * Discovery of Prokaryotic Relationships through Latent Structure of Correlated Nucleotide Sequences

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