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Nachaliel, U. Co Author Listing * Novel EIS postprocessing algorithm for breast cancer diagnosis

Nachaoui, M. Co Author Listing * Regularization by Denoising super-resolution method based on genetic algorithms, A

Nachappa, T.G.[Thimmaiah Gudiyangada] Co Author Listing * Google Earth Engine Approach for Wildfire Susceptibility Prediction Fusion with Remote Sensing Data of Different Spatial Resolutions, A
* Multi-Hazard Exposure Mapping Using Machine Learning for the State of Salzburg, Austria
* National-Scale Landslide Susceptibility Mapping in Austria Using Fuzzy Best-Worst Multi-Criteria Decision-Making

Nachar, R. Co Author Listing * Face Recognition Using IPCA-ICA Algorithm

Nachar, R.A.[Rabih Al] Co Author Listing * Robust Edge-Based Corner Detector (EBCD), A

Nache, F.[Florin] Co Author Listing * Reliable 2D Crowdsourced Cadastral Surveys: Case Studies from Greece and Romania

Nacher, B.[Beatriz] Co Author Listing * MORFO3D Foot Database, The
Includes: Nacher, B.[Beatriz] Nácher, B.[Beatriz]

Nacher, M.[Mathieu] Co Author Listing * Mapping a Knowledge-Based Malaria Hazard Index Related to Landscape Using Remote Sensing: Application to the Cross-Border Area between French Guiana and Brazil

Nachev, P.[Parashkev] Co Author Listing * Denoising diffusion models for out-of-distribution detection
* Inference of Cerebrovascular Topology With Geodesic Minimum Spanning Trees
Includes: Nachev, P.[Parashkev] Nachev, P.

Nachiappan, S. Co Author Listing * Entropy based segmentation of tumor from brain MR images: A study with teaching learning based optimization

Nachimuthu, A.[Anantharaj] Co Author Listing * Artificial Intelligence Techniques for Road Extraction from Aerial Images
* Image-Processing Techniques for Leather Hide Ranking in the Footwear Industry
Includes: Nachimuthu, A.[Anantharaj] Nachimuthu, A.

Nachlieli, H. Co Author Listing * Measuring the Quality of Quality Measures
* Perceptual Segmentation: Combining Image Segmentation With Object Tagging

Nachman, A.I. Co Author Listing * Current Density Impedance Imaging
* Impact of Anisotropy on the Accuracy of Conductivity Imaging: A Quantitative Validation Study, The
* Multislice Radio-Frequency Current Density Imaging
* Radio-Frequency Current Density Imaging Based on a 180° Sample Rotation With Feasibility Study of Full Current Density Vector Reconstruction

Nachman, B.[Brett] Co Author Listing * Object-Oriented Approach to Extracting Productive Fossil Localities from Remotely Sensed Imagery, An

Nachman, L.[Lama] Co Author Listing * Convolutional Filter Approximation Using Fractional Calculus

Nachmani, E.[Eliya] Co Author Listing * A-Muze-Net: Music Generation by Composing the Harmony Based on the Generated Melody
* SAGRNN: Self-Attentive Gated RNN For Binaural Speaker Separation With Interaural Cue Preservation
Includes: Nachmani, E.[Eliya] Nachmani, E.

Nachtegael, M. Co Author Listing * Color Image Retrieval using Fuzzy Similarity Measures and Fuzzy Partitions
* Combining neighbourhood-based and histogram similarity measures for the design of image quality measures
* fuzzy filter for the removal of random impulse noise in image sequences, A
* Fuzzy Impulse Noise Detection and Reduction Method, A
* Fuzzy Random Impulse Noise Removal From Color Image Sequences
* Fuzzy Two-Step Filter for Impulse Noise Reduction From Color Images
* Histogram-based fuzzy colour filter for image restoration
* Image Similarity: From Fuzzy Sets to Color Image Applications
* Interval-Valued and Intuitionistic Fuzzy Mathematical Morphologies as Special Cases of L-Fuzzy Mathematical Morphology
* Interval-Valued Fuzzy Morphological Model Based on Lukasiewicz-Operators, An
* Multiple kernel learning based modality classification for medical images
* New Fuzzy Additive Noise Reduction Method, A
* New Fuzzy Filter for the Reduction of Randomly Valued Impulse Noise, A
* New Fuzzy Motion and Detail Adaptive Video Filter, A
* New Fuzzy Multi-channel Filter for the Reduction of Impulse Noise, A
* On the Decomposition of Interval-Valued Fuzzy Morphological Operators
* OWA filters: A robust filtering method and its application to color images
* Possibilities of Fuzzy Logic in Image Processing, The
* Using similarity measures and homogeneity for the comparison of images
* Vector Morphological Operators for Colour Images
Includes: Nachtegael, M. Nachtegael, M.[Mike]
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Nachtegeal, M.[Mike] Co Author Listing * Parametric Image Restoration Using Consensus: An Application to Nonstationary Noise Filtering

Nachtergaele, L.[Lode] Co Author Listing * Constant quality rate-control for video encoding based on activity segmentation
* Constant quality video coding using video content analysis
* Low-Power Data Transfer and Storage Exploration for H.263 Video Decoder System
* Optimal Memory Organization for Scalable Texture Codecs in MPEG-4
* scalable MPEG-4 wavelet-based visual texture compression system with optimized memory organization, A
Includes: Nachtergaele, L.[Lode] Nachtergaele, L.

Nachtigall, P.E. Co Author Listing * Sonar Recognition of Targets Embedded in Sediment

Nachtrab Ribback, R.[Robin] Co Author Listing * Content4All Open Research Sign Language Translation Datasets
Includes: Nachtrab Ribback, R.[Robin] Nachtrab-Ribback, R.[Robin]

Nachum, O. Co Author Listing * MorphNet: Fast & Simple Resource-Constrained Structure Learning of Deep Networks

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