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Nakos, B.[Byron] Co Author Listing * Assessment and Visualization of OSM Consistency for European Cities

Nakos, K. Co Author Listing * real-time H.264/AVC VLSI encoder architecture, A
* real-time motion estimation FPGA architecture, A
Includes: Nakos, K. Nakos, K.[Kostantinos]

Nakos, T.[Theodoros] Co Author Listing * Radiometric Cross-Calibration of the Chilean Satellite FASat-C Using RapidEye and EO-1 Hyperion Data and a Simultaneous Nadir Overpass Approach

Nakoudi, K.[Konstantina] Co Author Listing * Does the Intra-Arctic Modification of Long-Range Transported Aerosol Affect the Local Radiative Budget? (A Case Study)
* Measurements and Modeling of Optical-Equivalent Snow Grain Sizes under Arctic Low-Sun Conditions
* Properties of Cirrus Clouds over the European Arctic (Ny-┼lesund, Svalbard)

Nakouri, H.[Haifa] Co Author Listing * Automatic Feature Detection and Clustering Using Random Indexing
* Discovering Features Contexts from Images Using Random Indexing
Includes: Nakouri, H.[Haifa] Nakouri, H.[Ha´fa]

Nakov, P.[Preslav] Co Author Listing * FANG: Leveraging Social Context for Fake News Detection Using Graph Representation

Nakova, V. Co Author Listing * corpus for comparative evaluation of OCR software and postcorrection techniques, A

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