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Natta, F. Co Author Listing * 3d Modelling Between Ideation, Geometry, and Surveyed Architecture: The Case of The Vaulted System of appartamento Di Mezzanotte in Palazzo Carignano
* Baroque Banded Vaults: Surveying and Modeling. the Case Study of A Noble Palace In Turin
* From Survey to 3d Modelling to Digital Fabrication. a Workflow Aimed at Documenting and Transmitting Built Heritage
* Recognizing the Design Patterns of Complex Vaults: Drawing, Survey and Modeling. Experiments on Palazzo Mazzonis' Atrium in Turin
* Vault with Intertwined Arches in Castle of Racconigi: 3d Digital Reconstruction, The
Includes: Natta, F. Natta, F.[Fabrizio]

Nattee, C. Co Author Listing * Geometric method for document understanding and classification using online machine learning
* Relative Positioning of Stroke-based Clustering: A New Approach to Online Handwritten Devanagari Character Recognition
* Spatial Similarity Based Stroke Number and Order Free Clustering
Includes: Nattee, C. Nattee, C.[Cholwich]

Nattel, E.[Efri] Co Author Listing * Direct feature extraction in a foveated environment

Natterer, F.[Frank] Co Author Listing * Image Reconstruction in Quantitative Susceptibility Mapping
* Past and future directions in x-ray computed tomography (CT)
* Radon Transform, The
* Toward accurate attenuation correction in SPECT without transmission measurements
Includes: Natterer, F.[Frank] Natterer, F.

Nattila, J.[Joonas] Co Author Listing * Segmentation of turbulent computational fluid dynamics simulations with unsupervised ensemble learning
Includes: Nattila, J.[Joonas] Nättilä, J.[Joonas] (Maybe also Naettilae, J.)

Nattkemper, T.W. Co Author Listing * 3d Reconstruction of On-/offshore Wind Turbines for Manual And Computational Visual Inspection
* Active Learning for the Classification of Species in Underwater Images from a Fixed Observatory
* Adaptive Tissue Characterization Network for Model-Free Visualization of Dynamic Contrast-Enhanced Magnetic Resonance Image Data, An
* Change detection in marine observatory image streams using Bi-Domain Feature Clustering
* COATL: A learning architecture for online real-time detection and classification assistance for environmental data
* Data-Driven Long Term Change Analysis in Marine Observatory Image Streams
* GAN-based Synthesis of Deep Learning Training Data for UAV Monitoring
* Polyp Activity Estimation and Monitoring for Cold Water Corals with a Deep Learning Approach
* Ranking Color Correction Algorithms Using Cluster Indices
* Seabed Classification Using a Bag-of-Prototypes Feature Representation
* Strategies for Tackling the Class Imbalance Problem in Marine Image Classification
* Tracking Sponge Size and Behaviour with Fixed Underwater Observatories
Includes: Nattkemper, T.W. Nattkemper, T.W.[Tim W.] Nattkemper, T.W.[Tim Wilhelm]
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Nattoji Rajaram, R. Co Author Listing * Looking at Pedestrians at Different Scales: A Multiresolution Approach and Evaluations

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