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Nole, A.[Angelo] Co Author Listing * Cross-Comparison between Landsat 8 (OLI) and Landsat 7 (ETM+) Derived Vegetation Indices in a Mediterranean Environment
Includes: Nole, A.[Angelo] Nolè, A.[Angelo]

Nole, G.[Gabriele] Co Author Listing * Establishing a Remote Sensing Science Center in Cyprus: First Year of Activities of ATHENA Project
* Integrated Satellite System for Fire Detection and Prioritization
* Remote Sensing and Spatial Analysis for Land-Take Assessment in Basilicata Region (Southern Italy)
* SMAP Supervised Classification of Landsat Images for Urban Sprawl Evaluation, A
Includes: Nole, G.[Gabriele] Nolè, G.[Gabriele]

Nolesini, T.[Teresa] Co Author Listing * 2014 Effusive Eruption at Stromboli: New Insights from In Situ and Remote-Sensing Measurements, The
* Building Deformation Assessment by Means of Persistent Scatterer Interferometry Analysis on a Landslide-Affected Area: The Volterra (Italy) Case Study
* Catching Geomorphological Response to Volcanic Activity on Steep Slope Volcanoes Using Multi-Platform Remote Sensing
* Changes in the Eruptive Style of Stromboli Volcano before the 2019 Paroxysmal Phase Discovered through SOM Clustering of Seismo-Acoustic Features Compared with Camera Images and GBInSAR Data
* Detecting Slope and Urban Potential Unstable Areas by Means of Multi-Platform Remote Sensing Techniques: The Volterra (Italy) Case Study
* Integration of Remote Sensing and Offshore Geophysical Data for Monitoring the Short-Term Morphological Evolution of an Active Volcanic Flank: A Case Study from Stromboli Island
* Overflows and Pyroclastic Density Currents in March-April 2020 at Stromboli Volcano Detected by Remote Sensing and Seismic Monitoring Data
* UAV-Based Multitemporal Remote Sensing Surveys of Volcano Unstable Flanks: A Case Study from Stromboli
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Nolet, C. Co Author Listing * Overview of UAV Activities in Wageningen Unmanned Aerial Remote Sensing Facility

Nolette, C. Co Author Listing * Hemispherical Photographs Used for Mapping Confined Spaces

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