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Nur Cakar, A. Co Author Listing * hybrid intelligent diagnostic system based on neural networks and image analysis techniques in the field of automated cytogenetics, A

Nur, A.S.[Arip Syaripudin] Co Author Listing * Creation of Wildfire Susceptibility Maps in Plumas National Forest Using InSAR Coherence, Deep Learning, and Metaheuristic Optimization Approaches
* Improvement of Earthquake Risk Awareness and Seismic Literacy of Korean Citizens through Earthquake Vulnerability Map from the 2017 Pohang Earthquake, South Korea
* Spatial Prediction of Wildfire Susceptibility Using Hybrid Machine Learning Models Based on Support Vector Regression in Sydney, Australia

Nur, G. Co Author Listing * 3D video assessment with Just Noticeable Difference in Depth evaluation
* abstraction based reduced reference depth perception metric for 3D video, An
* Advanced Adaptation Techniques for Improved Video Perception
* Ambient Illumination as a Context for Video Bit Rate Adaptation Decision Taking
* Extended VQM model for predicting 3D video quality considering ambient illumination context
* Impact of depth map spatial resolution on 3D video quality and depth perception
* parametric video quality model based on source and network characteristics, A
* spatiotemporal no-reference video quality assessment model, A
Includes: Nur, G. Nur, G.[Gokce]
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Nur, S.[Sobihatun] Co Author Listing * Applying Virtual Rehearsal Principle in Developing a Persuasive Multimedia Learning Environment (PMLE)

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