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Nuth, C.[Christopher] Co Author Listing * Decadal Scale Changes in Glacier Area in the Hohe Tauern National Park (Austria) Determined by Object-Based Image Analysis
* Glacier Remote Sensing Using Sentinel-2. Part I: Radiometric and Geometric Performance, and Application to Ice Velocity
* Glacier Volume Change Estimation Using Time Series Of Improved Aster Dems
* MMASTER: Improved ASTER DEMs for Elevation Change Monitoring
* Monitoring Sub-weekly Evolution of Surface Velocity and Elevation for A High-latitude Surging Glacier Using Sentinel-2
* Pattern Classification from Multi-beam Acoustic Data Acquired in Kongsfjorden
* Regional glacier mapping from time-series of Landsat type data
* Robust glacier displacements using knowledge-based image matching
Includes: Nuth, C.[Christopher] Nuth, C.
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Nuthalapati, S.V.[Sai Vidyaranya] Co Author Listing * Multi-Domain Few-Shot Learning and Dataset for Agricultural Applications
* Pose-based Sign Language Recognition using GCN and BERT

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