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Nwogu, I.[Ifeoma] Co Author Listing * Automated analysis of line plots in documents
* BP)2: Beyond pairwise Belief Propagation labeling by approximating Kikuchi free energies
* Computational View of the Emotional Regulation of Disgust using Multimodal Sensors, A
* Enhancing Human Face Recognition with an Interpretable Neural Network
* Facial Expression Neutralization With StoicNet
* Fast Temporal Tracking and 3D Reconstruction of a Single Coronary Vessel
* generative framework to investigate the underlying patterns in human activities, A
* Interpretable Emotion Classification Using Temporal Convolutional Models
* Labeling Irregular Graphs with Belief Propagation
* Labeling Spain With Stanford
* Lie to Me: Deceit detection via online behavioral learning
* ontology for generating descriptions about natural outdoor scenes, An
* PDE-Based Enhancement of Low Quality Documents
* Segmentation of highly unstructured handwritten documents using a neural network technique
* Shared Parameter Model for Gesture and Sub-gesture Analysis, A
* Study on the Suppression of Amusement, A
* Syntactic image parsing using ontology and semantic descriptions
* temporal Bayesian model for classifying, detecting and localizing activities in video sequences, A
* Towards Understanding the Behaviors of Pretrained Compressed Convolutional Models
* Word separation of unconstrained handwritten text lines in PCR forms
Includes: Nwogu, I.[Ifeoma] Nwogu, I.
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