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Ohnishi, A. Co Author Listing * Description and Recognition of Human Gestures Based on the Transition of Curvature from Motion Images

Ohnishi, K.[Katsunori] Co Author Listing * Beyond caption to narrative: Video captioning with multiple sentences
* Recognizing Activities of Daily Living with a Wrist-Mounted Camera
Includes: Ohnishi, K.[Katsunori] Ohnishi, K.

Ohnishi, N.[Naoya] Co Author Listing * Appearance-based navigation and homing for autonomous mobile robot
* Chain of Circles for Matching and Recognition of Planar Shapes
* Combination of supervised and unsupervised methods for navigation path mining
* Combining LBP and SIFT in Sparse Coding for Categorizing Scene Images
* Computer vision based methods for detecting weeds in lawns
* Convergence Proof for the Horn-Schunck Optical-Flow Computation Scheme Using Neighborhood Decomposition, A
* Correcting Distortion of Image by Image Registration with the Implicit Function Theorem
* Corridor Navigation and Obstacle Avoidance using Visual Potential for Mobile Robot
* Cue Circles: Image Feature for Measuring 3-D Motion of Articulated Objects Using Sequential Image Pair
* Decomposition and Construction of Neighbourhood Operations Using Linear Algebra
* Determining a Polyhedral Shape Using Interreflections
* Dominant plane detection from optical flow for robot navigation
* Dynamic Multiresolution Optical Flow Computation
* Free Space Detection from Catadioptric Omnidirectional Images for Visual Navigation using Optical Flow
* Image Retrieval by Local Contrast Patterns and Color
* Image retrieval by pattern categorization using wavelet domain perceptual features with LVQ neural network
* Incorporating Contextual Information into Bag-of-Visual-Words Framework for Effective Object Categorization
* Incorporating Top-Down Guidance for Extracting Informative Patches for Image Classification
* Independent Component Analysis of Layer Optical Flow and Its Application
* Informative patches sampling for image classification by utilizing bottom-up and top-down information
* Model-Based Plane-Segmentation Using Optical Flow and Dominant Plane
* Optical Flow Computation from an Asynchronised Multiresolution Image Sequence
* Recovery of Object Shape and Camera Motion using a Sensing System with a Video Camera and a Gyro Sensor, The
* robust eigenspace method for obtaining feature values in high-speed massively parallel vision systems, A
* Segmentation of Depth-of-Field Images Based on the Response of ICA Filters
* Separating Real and Virtual Objects from Their Overlapping Images
* Soccer Image Sequence Computed by a Virtual Camera
* Unification of Multichannel Motion Feature Using Boolean Polynomial
* Unified approach to image distortion
* Visual Navigation of Mobile Robot Using Optical Flow and Visual Potential Field
* Wavelet transform-based locally orderless images for texture segmentation
Includes: Ohnishi, N.[Naoya] Ohnishi, N.[Noboru] Ohnishi, N.
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Ohnishi, T.[Takashi] Co Author Listing * Fundamental Study on Intraoperative Quantification of Gastrointestinal Viability by Transmission Light Intensity Analysis
* Real-time identification of blood regions for hemostasis support in laparoscopic surgery
* Respiratory-synchronized digital subtraction angiography based on a respiratory phase matching method
* Virtual interaction surface: Decoupling of interaction and view dimensions for flexible indirect 3D interaction
Includes: Ohnishi, T.[Takashi] Ohnishi, T.[Takayuki]

Ohnishi, Y. Co Author Listing * Automatic target detection for vision metrology with using coloured target

Ohnishi, Y.J.[Yu Jiro] Co Author Listing * Comparison of Combining Methods of Correlation Kernels in kPCA and kCCA for Texture Classification with Kansei Information
Includes: Ohnishi, Y.J.[Yu Jiro] Ohnishi, Y.J.[Yu-Jiro]

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