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Oram, D. Co Author Listing * Rectification for any epipolar geometry

Oram, E.[Etuari] Co Author Listing * Light gradient boosting machine-based phishing webpage detection model using phisher website features of mimic URLs

Oram, M.W. Co Author Listing * Neurophysiology of shape processing

Oramas M., J.[Jose] Co Author Listing * Analysis of Human-Centered Geolocation, An
* From Pixels to Actions: Learning to Drive a Car with Deep Neural Networks

Oramas Mogrovejo, J.[Jose] Co Author Listing * Unpaired Image-To-Image Shape Translation Across Fashion Data

Oramas Mogrovejo, J.A.[Jose Antonio] Co Author Listing * Allocentric Pose Estimation
* Context-based object viewpoint estimation: A 2D relational approach
* Modeling video evolution for action recognition
* Rank Pooling for Action Recognition
* Recovering hard-to-find object instances by sampling context-based object proposals
* Scene-driven Cues for Viewpoint Classification for Elongated Object Classes
* Towards cautious collective inference for object verification
* Towards sign language recognition based on body parts relations
Includes: Oramas Mogrovejo, J.A.[Jose Antonio] Oramas Mogrovejo, J.A.[Josť Antonio]
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Oramas, J.[Jose] Co Author Listing * In Defense of LSTMS for Addressing Multiple Instance Learning Problems
* Multiple Exemplars-based Hallucination for Face Super-resolution and Editing

Orams, M.B.[Mark B.] Co Author Listing * Use of Unmanned Aerial Systems in Marine Mammal Research, The

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