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Pagola, J.E.M.[Jose E. Medina] Co Author Listing * TextLec: A Novel Method of Segmentation by Topic Using Lower Windows and Lexical Cohesion
Includes: Pagola, J.E.M.[Jose E. Medina] Pagola, J.E.M.[Josť E. Medina]

Pagola, M.[Miguel] Co Author Listing * Aggregation of Deep Features for Image Retrieval Based on Object Detection
* Co-occurrence of deep convolutional features for image search
* Comment on: Image thresholding using type II fuzzy sets. Importance of this method
* Image Magnification Using Interval Information
* Relationship between restricted dissimilarity functions, restricted equivalence functions and normal EN-functions: Image thresholding invariant
* Study on the Cardinality of Ordered Average Pooling in Visual Recognition, A
Includes: Pagola, M.[Miguel] Pagola, M.

Pagone, M.[Michele] Co Author Listing * Earth Gravity In-Orbit Sensing: MPC Formation Control Based on a Novel Constellation Model

Pagoni, I. Co Author Listing * Techno-economic assessment of the potential of intelligent transport systems to reduce CO2 emissions

Pagot, E. Co Author Listing * Moving Targets Velocity and Direction Estimation by Using a Single Optical VHR Satellite Imagery

Pagounis, V. Co Author Listing * 3d Virtual Models for An Early Education Serious Gaming Application

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