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Paszkiel, S.[Szczepan] Co Author Listing * Detection of gestures without begin and end markers by fitting into Bézier curves with least squares method

Paszkowicz, S. Co Author Listing * Developing a Body Sensor Network to Detect Emotions During Driving

Paszkuta, M.[Marcin] Co Author Listing * Application of Shape Moments for Cloudiness Assessment in Marine Environmental Research
* Reference Data Set for Accuracy Evaluation of Orientation Estimation Algorithms for Inertial Motion Capture Systems

Paszto, V. Co Author Listing * Do The Visual Complexity Algorithms Match The Generalization Process In Geographical Displays?
* Spationomy Simulation Game: Playful Learning in Spatial Economy Higher Education
* Subjective or Objective? How Objective Measures Relate to Subjective Life Satisfaction in Europe
Includes: Paszto, V. Pászto, V. Pászto, V.[Vít]

Pasztor, E.C.[Egon C.] Co Author Listing * Estimating scenes using statistical properties of images and scenes
* Learning Low-Level Vision

Pasztor, L.[Laszlo] Co Author Listing * Advanced GIS and RS Applications for Soil and Land Degradation Assessment and Mapping
* Application of Hybrid Prediction Methods in Spatial Assessment of Inland Excess Water Hazard
* Cropmarks in Aerial Archaeology: New Lessons from an Old Story
* Elaborating Hungarian Segment of the Global Map of Salt-Affected Soils (GSSmap): National Contribution to an International Initiative
* Spatial Assessment of the Effects of Land Cover Change on Soil Erosion in Hungary from 1990 to 2018
Includes: Pasztor, L.[Laszlo] Pásztor, L.[László]

Pasztor, S.[Szilard] Co Author Listing * Testing the Robust Yield Estimation Method for Winter Wheat, Corn, Rapeseed, and Sunflower with Different Vegetation Indices and Meteorological Data
Includes: Pasztor, S.[Szilard] Pásztor, S.[Szilárd]

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