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Pavia, D.[Davide] Co Author Listing * Emergency Department Overcrowding: A Retrospective Spatial Analysis and the Geocoding of Accesses. A Pilot Study in Rome
* Radio Base Stations and Electromagnetic Fields: GIS Applications and Models for Identifying Possible Risk Factors and Areas Exposed. Some Exemplifications in Rome

Pavia, J. Co Author Listing * Including Anatomical and Functional Information in MC Simulation of PET and SPECT Brain Studies. Brain-VISET: A Voxel-Based Iterative Method

Pavia, S.[Sara] Co Author Listing * Historic Building Information Modelling: Adding Intelligence to Laser and Image Based Surveys
* Historic Building Information Modelling: Adding intelligence to laser and image based surveys of European classical architecture
* Initial Design Framework for Virtual Historic Dublin, An
* Review of 3D GIS for Use in Creating Virtual Historic Dublin, A
Includes: Pavia, S.[Sara] Pavia, S.

Pavic, D.[Dragoslav] Co Author Listing * Assessment of Groundwater Potential Zones Using GIS and Fuzzy AHP Techniques: A Case Study of the Titel Municipality (Northern Serbia)

Pavie, E.S.[Eric S.] Co Author Listing * Method for automatically classifying images into events
* Method for automatically classifying images into events in a multimedia authoring application
* Method for automatically comparing content of images for classification into events

Pavie, H. Co Author Listing * Real time video architecture of a texture generator for digital video production

Pavilidis, I.[Ioannis] Co Author Listing * Computer Vision Beyond the Visible Spectrum
* Guest Editorial: Special issue on computer vision beyond the visible spectrum 2003

Pavillon, N.[Nicolas] Co Author Listing * Local demodulation of holograms using the Riesz transform with application to microscopy

Pavin, D. Co Author Listing * Data fusion of Left Ventricle Electro-Anatomical Mapping and Multislice Computerized Tomography

Paviotti, A.[Anna] Co Author Listing * lightness recovery algorithm for the multispectral acquisition of frescoed environments, A
* Lightness Recovery for Pictorial Surfaces
* Multispectral Acquisition of Large-Sized Pictorial Surfaces
* Range Camera Collecting Multi-Spectral Texture for Architecture Applications, A
* statistical illumination-reflectance separation algorithm for the multispectral acquisition of frescoes, A
* System for 3D Modeling Frescoed Historical Buildings with Multispectral Texture Information, A
Includes: Paviotti, A.[Anna] Paviotti, A.

Paviovic, V. Co Author Listing * Graphical Models for Human Motion Modeling

Pavithra, S. Co Author Listing * Feedback active noise control based on forward-backward LMS predictor
* Feedback active noise control based on transform-domain forward-backward LMS predictor

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