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Perwaiz, A.[Aqib] Co Author Listing * Improved automated detection of glaucoma by correlating fundus and SD-OCT image analysis

Perwass, C.[Christian] Co Author Listing * Dense Optic Flow with a Bayesian Occlusion Model
* Design of a Multilayered Feed-Forward Neural Network Using Hypersphere Neurons
* Estimation of Geometric Entities and Operators from Uncertain Data
* Extraction of Object Representations from Stereo Image Sequences Utilizing Statistical and Deterministic Regularities in Visual Data
* Extraction of the lateral resolution in a plenoptic camera using the SPC model
* Geometry and Kinematics with Uncertain Data
* Inversion Camera Model, The
* Junction and Corner Detection Through the Extraction and Analysis of Line Segments
* Modeling Adaptive Deformations during Free-Form Pose Estimation
* Perspective Pose Estimation from Uncertain Omnidirectional Image Data
* Pose Estimation of 3D Free-Form Contours
* Pose Estimation of Free-Form Surface Models
* Projective Model for Central Catadioptric Cameras Using Clifford Algebra
* Spatial resolution in a multi-focus plenoptic camera
* Spherical Decision Surfaces Using Conformal Modelling
Includes: Perwass, C.[Christian] Perwass, C.
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Perwitasari, S.[Septi] Co Author Listing * Modeling Post-Sunset Equatorial Spread-F Occurrence as a Function of Evening Upward Plasma Drift Using Logistic Regression, Deduced from Ionosondes in Southeast Asia

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