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Pisek, J. Co Author Listing * Algorithm for Global Leaf Area Index Retrieval Using Satellite Imagery
* Characterizing reflectance anisotropy of background soil in open-canopy plantations using UAV-based multiangular images
* Editorial for Special Issue Optical Remote Sensing of Boreal Forests
* Estimation of Gap Fraction and Foliage Clumping in Forest Canopies
* Expanding global mapping of the foliage clumping index with multi-angular POLDER three measurements: Evaluation and topographic compensation
* Improving Clumping and LAI Algorithms Based on Multiangle Airborne Imagery and Ground Measurements
* Intercomparison of clumping index estimates from POLDER, MODIS, and MISR satellite data over reference sites
* Mapping Forest Background Reflectance in a Boreal Region Using Multiangle Compact Airborne Spectrographic Imager Data
* Spectral Properties of Coniferous Forests: A Review of In Situ and Laboratory Measurements
Includes: Pisek, J. Pisek, J.[Jan]
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Pisella, P.J. Co Author Listing * Axial Ultrasound B-Scans of the Entire Eye With a 20-MHz Linear Array: Correction of Crystalline Lens Phase Aberration by Applying Fermat's Principle

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