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Podladchikova, L.N.[Lubov N.] Co Author Listing * Colour Vision Model-Based Approach for Segmentation of Traffic Signs
* Model of Attention-Guided Visual Perception and Recognition, A
* Modeling of a neural network system for active visual perception and recognition
* Recognition of traffic signs based on their colour and shape features extracted using human vision models
* Road Sign Recognition by Single Positioning of Space-Variant Sensor Window
Includes: Podladchikova, L.N.[Lubov N.] Podladchikova, L.N.

Podlaseck, M.[Mark] Co Author Listing * end-to-end eChronicling System for Mobile Human Surveillance, An
* Exploring the Dynamics of Visual Events in the Multi-dimensional Semantic Concept Space
* Interacting with steerable projected displays
Includes: Podlaseck, M.[Mark] Podlaseck, M.

Podlasiak, P. Co Author Listing * 3D reconstruction and modelling of the contact surfaces for the archaeological small museum pieces
* Attempts to Automate the Process of Generation of Orthoimages of Objects of Cultural Heritage
* Automatic Matching of Sculpture Fragments as Modern Tool for Archaeological Verification of Hypotheses on Their Origin
* Comparing Multi-source Photogrammetric Data During the Examination Of Verticality in A Monumental Tower
* Multi-criteria GIS Analyses with the Use of UAVs For The Needs Of Spatial Planning
* New Approach to Camera Calibration: GCPS or TLS Data?, The
* New Approach to the Generation of Orthoimages of Cultural Heritage Objects: Integrating TLS and Image Data, A
* Possibility Of Using Images Obtained From the UAS in Cadastral Works, The
Includes: Podlasiak, P. Podlasiak, P.[Piotr]
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Podlasov, A.[Alexey] Co Author Listing * Extraction and Removal of Layers from Map Imagery Data
* Merge-Based Color Quantization and Context Tree Modeling for Compression of Color Quantized Images
Includes: Podlasov, A.[Alexey] Podlasov, A.

Podleski, A.[Ann] Co Author Listing * Using Visual Ozone Damage Scores and Spectroscopy to Quantify Soybean Responses to Background Ozone

Podlipnig, S.[Stefan] Co Author Listing * Metadata Driven Adaptation in the ADMITS Project

Podlipnov, V.[Vladimir] Co Author Listing * First Earth-Imaging CubeSat with Harmonic Diffractive Lens

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