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Proietti, C.[Cristina] Co Author Listing * Monitoring Active Volcanos Using Aerial Images and the Orthoview Tool
* Use of Surveillance Cameras for the Rapid Mapping of Lava Flows: An Application to Mount Etna Volcano, The

Proietti, G.[Guido] Co Author Listing * accurate model for quadtrees representing noiseless images of spatial data, An
* Accurate Modeling of Region Data
* Image Indexing and Retrieval Based on Human Perceptual Color Clustering
* On the Creation of Quadtrees by Using a Branching-Process
* Probabilistic models for images and quadtrees: Differences and equivalences
Includes: Proietti, G.[Guido] Proietti, G.

Proietto Salanitri, F. Co Author Listing * Hierarchical Domain-Adapted Feature Learning for Video Saliency Prediction

Proisy, C. Co Author Listing * 13 Years of changes in the extent and physiognomy of mangroves after shrimp farming abandonment, Bali
* Aboveground-Biomass Estimation of a Complex Tropical Forest in India Using Lidar
* Mapping the Mangrove Forest Canopy Using Spectral Unmixing of Very High Spatial Resolution Satellite Images
* Multiscale Diagnosis of Mangrove Status in Data-Poor Context Using Very High Spatial Resolution Satellite Images: A Case Study in Pichavaram Mangrove Forest, Tamil Nadu, India
* Temporal stability of mangrove multispectral signatures at fine scales: Stability of mangrove multispectral signatures
Includes: Proisy, C. Proisy, C.[Christophe]

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