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Ramchandran, K. Co Author Listing * Adaptive wavelet packet image coding using an estimation-quantization framework
* Best Wavelet Packet Bases in a Rate-Distortion Sense
* Bit allocation for dependent quantization with applications to multiresolution and MPEG video coders
* Capacity issues in digital image watermarking
* Circulant structures and graph signal processing
* Coding of Image Feature Descriptors for Distributed Rate-efficient Visual Correspondences
* Combined multiresolution source coding and modulation for digital broadcast of HDTV
* Comparative Study of DCT- and Wavelet-Based Image Coding, A
* Complexity-outsourced low-latency video encoding through feedback under a sum-rate constraint
* Compression of cDNA and inkjet microarray images
* Distributed Compression for Sensor Networks
* Distributed multimedia transmission from multiple servers
* Dither-based secure image hashing using distributed coding
* Efficient Layered Video Delivery Over Multicarrier Systems Using Optimized Embedded Modulation
* Efficient Terrain Data Representation for 3D Rendering Using the Generalized BFOS Algorithm
* Enhancing peer-to-peer live multicast quality using helpers
* Estimation error bounds for denoising by sparse approximation
* factor graph framework for semantic indexing and retrieval in video, A
* Forward error correction (FEC) codes based multiple description coding for internet video streaming and multicast
* Frame-bufferless sum-rate constrained video encoding using feedback
* Frequency-Shift-Invariant Orthonormal Wavelet Packet Representations
* High-Speed Action Recognition and Localization in Compressed Domain Videos
* Hybrid Compressed-Uncompressed Framework for Wireless Image Transmission, A
* Image Coding Based on a Morphological Representation of Wavelet Data
* Information-Theoretic Bounds on Target Recognition Performance Based on Degraded Image Data
* Inverse Halftoning Using Wavelets
* Joint source channel matching for a wireless image transmission
* Joint Thresholding and Quantizer Selection for Transform Image-Coding: Entropy-Constrained Analysis and Applications to Base-Line JPEG
* Low-Complexity Image Denoising Based on Statistical Modeling of Wavelet Coefficients
* Multi-camera Video Resolution Enhancement by Fusion of Spatial Disparity and Temporal Motion fields
* Multicast and unicast real-time video streaming over wireless LANs
* Multiple Description Wavelet Based Image Coding
* Nonlinear constrained least squares estimation to reduce artifacts in block transform-coded images
* On Compression of Encrypted Images
* On decoder-latency versus performance tradeoffs in differential predictive coding
* On low-complexity video encoding through feedback
* Optimal supports for linear predictive models
* Optimal trellis-based buffered compression and fast approximations
* Optimized filtering and reconstruction in predictive quantization with losses
* PRISM: A Reversed Multimedia Coding Paradigm
* PRISM: A Video Coding Paradigm With Motion Estimation at the Decoder
* Rate-distortion optimal fast thresholding with complete JPEG/MPEG decoder compatibility
* Rate-efficient visual correspondences using random projections
* Robust Distributed Multiview Video Compression for Wireless Camera Networks
* Robust Image Transmission over Energy-Constrained Time-Varying Channels Using Multiresolution Joint Source-Channel Coding
* Robust turbo-based data hiding for image and video sources
* Robust Video Transmission With Distributed Source Coded Auxiliary Channel
* Scaling Peer-to-Peer Video-on-Demand systems using helpers
* simple algorithm for removing blocking artifacts in block-transform coded images, A
* Syndrome-Based Robust Video Transmission Over Networks with Bursty Losses
* Transform Image Coding Based on Joint Adaptation of Filter Banks and Tree Structures
* View Synthesis for Robust Distributed Video Compression in Wireless Camera Networks
* VSYNC: Bandwidth-Efficient and Distortion-Tolerant Video File Synchronization
* Watermarking Based on Duality with Distributed Source Coding and Robust Optimization Principles
* Wavelet based image coding via morphological prediction of significance
* Wavelet denoising by recursive cycle spinning
* Wavelets, Subband Coding, and Best Bases
Includes: Ramchandran, K. Ramchandran, K.[Kannan]
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Ramchandran, K.N. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Transforms for Image-Coding Using Spatially Varying Wavelet Packets
* Binary Markov Model for the Quantized Wavelet Coefficients of Images and Its Rate/Distortion Optimization, A
* Hierarchical Backward Motion Compensation for Wavelet Video Coding Using Optimized Interpolation Filters
* Investigation of Wavelet-Based Image-Coding Using an Entropy-Constrained Quantization Framework, An
* Joint Space-Frequency Segmentation Using Balanced Wavelet Packet Trees for Least-Cost Image Representation
* Low-Complexity Region-Based Video Coder Using Backward Morphological Motion Field Segmentation
* Low-Complexity Region-Based Video Compression Framework Using Morphology, A
* optimal and efficient soft caching algorithm for network image retrieval, An
* Optimal multiple description subband coding
* Scalable Wavelet Video Coding Using Aliasing-Reduced Hierarchical Motion Compensation
* Space-frequency quantization for a space-varying wavelet packet image coder
* Space-Frequency Quantization for Wavelet Image-Coding
* Wavelet Packet Image-Coding Using Space-Frequency Quantization
* Wavelet packets-based image coding using joint space-frequency quantization
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Ramchandran, R. Co Author Listing * Retinal Vessel Detection in Wide-Field Fluorescein Angiography with Deep Neural Networks: A Novel Training Data Generation Approach

Ramchandran, R.S. Co Author Listing * Novel Deep Learning Pipeline for Retinal Vessel Detection In Fluorescein Angiography, A
* Weakly-Supervised Vessel Detection in Ultra-Widefield Fundus Photography via Iterative Multi-Modal Registration and Learning
Includes: Ramchandran, R.S. Ramchandran, R.S.[Rajeev S.]

Ramchandran, S.[Siddharth] Co Author Listing * Learning conditional variational autoencoders with missing covariates

Ramchurn, S.D.[Sarvapali D.] Co Author Listing * Algorithms for electric vehicle scheduling in large-scale mobility-on-demand schemes
* Behavioural Biometrics Using Electricity Load Profiles
* Managing Electric Vehicles in the Smart Grid Using Artificial Intelligence: A Survey
* Offline and Online Electric Vehicle Charging Scheduling With V2V Energy Transfer
* On the distinctiveness of the electricity load profile
Includes: Ramchurn, S.D.[Sarvapali D.] Ramchurn, S.D.

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