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Recce, M. Co Author Listing * Scene Analysis for An Orange Harvesting Robot
* Video Grading of Oranges in Real-Time
Includes: Recce, M. Recce, M.[Michael]

Recchia, A. Co Author Listing * Atmospheric Phase Screen in GEO-SAR: Estimation and Compensation
* Identification of C-Band Radio Frequency Interferences from Sentinel-1 Data
* Impact of Scene Decorrelation on Geosynchronous SAR Data Focusing
* Vegetated Target Decorrelation in SAR and Interferometry: Models, Simulation, and Performance Evaluation
Includes: Recchia, A. Recchia, A.[Andrea]

Recchia, F. Co Author Listing * Behavioural Biometrics Using Electricity Load Profiles

Recchia, G. Co Author Listing * Monitoring Large Railways Infrastructures Using Hybrid Optical Fibers Sensor Systems

Recchioni, C.[Cristina] Co Author Listing * Population Trends and Urbanization: Simulating Density Effects Using a Local Regression Approach

Reccia, E. Co Author Listing * From Lidar Data Towards HBIM for Structural Evaluation

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