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Rekleitis, I.[Ioannis] Co Author Listing * 3D Reconstruction of Environments for Planetary Exploration
* Collaborative Sampling Using Heterogeneous Marine Robots Driven by Visual Cues
* Deep Neural Networks: A Comparison on Different Computing Platforms
* Drifter Sensor Network for Environmental Monitoring
* Estimating Surface Reflectance Spectra for Underwater Color Vision
* Optical Flow from Motion Blurred Color Images
* Path Planning for Planetary Exploration
* Terrain Modelling for Planetary Exploration
Includes: Rekleitis, I.[Ioannis] Rekleitis, I.
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Rekleitis, I.M.[Ioannis M.] Co Author Listing * Feature Tracking Evaluation for Pose Estimation in Underwater Environments
* Multi-Layer Atlas System for Map Management
* Multi-Robot Exploration of an Unknown Environment, Efficiently Reducing the Odometry Error
* Optical flow recognition from the power spectrum of a single blurred image
* Single Robot Exploration: Simultaneous Localization and Uncertainty Reduction on Maps (SLURM)
* Telepresence across the Ocean
* Uncertainty Reduction via Heuristic Search Planning on Hybrid Metric/Topological Map
Includes: Rekleitis, I.M.[Ioannis M.] Rekleitis, I.M.
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Rekleitis, Y.[Yiannis] Co Author Listing * Second and Third Canadian Conferences on Computer and Robot Vision

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