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Ruhaak, J.[Jan] Co Author Listing * email: Ruhaak, J.[Jan]: jan ruehaak AT mevis fraunhofer de
* Estimation of Large Motion in Lung CT by Integrating Regularized Keypoint Correspondences into Dense Deformable Registration
* Highly efficient image registration for embedded systems using a distributed multicore DSP architecture
* matrix-free approach to efficient affine-linear image registration on CPU and GPU, A
Includes: Ruhaak, J.[Jan] Rühaak, J.[Jan] (Maybe also Ruehaak, J.)Rühaak, J. (Maybe also Ruehaak, J.)

Ruhaiyem, N.I.R.[Nur Intan Raihana] Co Author Listing * Face Recognition with Real Time Eye Lid Movement Detection
* Hybrid Improved Bacterial Swarm (HIBS) Optimization Algorithm
* Measuring the Variabilities in the Body Postures of the Children for Early Detection of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)
Includes: Ruhaiyem, N.I.R.[Nur Intan Raihana] Ruhaiyem, N.I.R.

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