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Rutigliano, T. Co Author Listing * Composition of Feature Extraction Methods Shows Interesting Performances in Discriminating Wakefulness and NREM Sleep

Rutishauser, M. Co Author Listing * Merging Range Images of Arbitrarily Shaped Objects
* Searching for Grasping Opportunities on Unmodeled 3D Objects

Rutishauser, S. Co Author Listing * Advantages of Parametric Modeling for the Reconstruction of Historic Buildings. The Example of the in War Destroyed Church of St. Catherine (Katharinenkirche) in Nuremberg, The
* Evaluating the Quality and Accuracy of TanDEM-X Digital Elevation Models at Archaeological Sites in the Cilician Plain, Turkey
Includes: Rutishauser, S. Rutishauser, S.[Susanne]

Rutishauser, U. Co Author Listing * Is bottom-up attention useful for object recognition?
* Selective visual attention enables learning and recognition of multiple objects in cluttered scenes
Includes: Rutishauser, U. Rutishauser, U.[Ueli]

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