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Sagi, D. Co Author Listing * Gabor Filters as Texture Discriminator

Sagi, K. Co Author Listing * Artifact-Free Thin Cloud Removal Using Gans

Sagi, Y. Co Author Listing * TopoCad: A unified system for geospatial data and services

Sagichewski, H.[Herbert] Co Author Listing * Mapping European Spruce Bark Beetle Infestation at Its Early Phase Using Gyrocopter-Mounted Hyperspectral Data and Field Measurements

Sagiies, C. Co Author Listing * Planar motion estimation from 1D homographies

Sagindykov, T.B. Co Author Listing * Preprocessing and Registration of Miniscope-based Calcium Imaging Of The Rodent Brain

Sagiroglu, M.S.[Mahmut Samil] Co Author Listing * Texture Based Matching Approach for Automated Assembly of Puzzles, A

Sagischewski, H.[Herbert] Co Author Listing * Tree Species Classification Based on Hybrid Ensembles of a Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) and Random Forest Classifiers

Sagiv, C.[Chen] Co Author Listing * Full Affine Wavelets Are Scale-Space with a Twist
* Gabor Feature Space Diffusion via the Minimal Weighted Area Method
* Geodesic active contours applied to texture feature space
* Integrated Active Contours for Texture Segmentation
* Magnification of Label Maps With a Topology-Preserving Level-Set Method
* Scale-Space Generation via Uncertainty Principles
* Texture segmentation via a diffusion-segmentation scheme in the Gabor feature space
* Uncertainty Principle: Group Theoretic Approach, Possible Minimizers and Scale-Space Properties, The
Includes: Sagiv, C.[Chen] Sagiv, C.
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