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Salcedo Bosch, A.[Andreu] Co Author Listing * Assessing Obukhov Length and Friction Velocity from Floating Lidar Observations: A Data Screening and Sensitivity Computation Approach
* Enhanced Dual Filter for Floating Wind Lidar Motion Correction: The Impact of Wind and Initial Scan Phase Models
* On the Retrieval of Surface-Layer Parameters from Lidar Wind-Profile Measurements
* Robust Adaptive Unscented Kalman Filter for Floating Doppler Wind-LiDAR Motion Correction, A
* Unified Formulation for the Computation of the Six-Degrees-of-Freedom-Motion-Induced Errors in Floating Doppler Wind LiDARs, A
Includes: Salcedo Bosch, A.[Andreu] Salcedo-Bosch, A.[Andreu]

Salcedo Gonzalez, M.[Mayra] Co Author Listing * Novel Method of Spatiotemporal Dynamic Geo-Visualization of Criminal Data, Applied to Command and Control Centers for Public Safety, A
Includes: Salcedo Gonzalez, M.[Mayra] Salcedo-Gonzalez, M.[Mayra]

Salcedo Parra, O.J.[Octavio Jose] Co Author Listing * Optical Recognition of Numerical Characters in Digital Images of Glucometers
Includes: Salcedo Parra, O.J.[Octavio Jose] Salcedo Parra, O.J.[Octavio Josť]

Salcedo, A.[Andreu] Co Author Listing * Estimation of the Motion-Induced Horizontal-Wind-Speed Standard Deviation in an Offshore Doppler Lidar

Salcedo, F.[Flor] Co Author Listing * Gravity Data Ontology: Laying the Foundation for Workflow-Driven Ontologies, The

Salcedo, I.A.L.[Ivan Alberto Lizarazo] Co Author Listing * Combinatorial Approach for Hyperspectral Image Segmentation, A
Includes: Salcedo, I.A.L.[Ivan Alberto Lizarazo] Salcedo, I.A.L.[IvŠn Alberto Lizarazo]

Salcedo, I.L. Co Author Listing * NDEI-based Mapping of Land Surface Changes

Salcedo, J.N.[Julie N.] Co Author Listing * Impact of Instructional Strategies on Workload, Stress, and Flow in Simulation-Based Training for Behavior Cue Analysis
* Mixed Reality Training of Military Tasks: Comparison of Two Approaches Through Reactions from Subject Matter Experts
* Performance-Based Training Evaluation for an Augmented Virtuality Call for Fire Training System, A

Salcedo, M.[Maite] Co Author Listing * Intelligent Radiomic Analysis of Q-SPECT/CT images to optimize pulmonary embolism diagnosis in COVID-19 patients

Salcic, Z. Co Author Listing * IMECO: A Reconfigurable FPGA-based Image Enhancement Co-Processor Framework
* Multi-view Gait recognition using sparse representation
* Real-Time Implementation of Nonlinear Unsharp Masking with FPLDs, A
* system-level security approach for heterogeneous MPSoCs, A

Salcudean, S.[Septimiu] Co Author Listing * Model-Based Quantitative Elasticity Reconstruction Using ADMM
* Multi-view 3D Reconstruction with Transformers

Salcudean, S.E. Co Author Listing * B-Mode Ultrasound Image Simulation in Deformable 3-D Medium
* Comparison of Finite Element-Based Inversion Algorithms, Local Frequency Estimation, and Direct Inversion Approach Used in MRE, A
* Curl-Based Finite Element Reconstruction of the Shear Modulus Without Assuming Local Homogeneity: Time Harmonic Case
* Fusion of Ultrasound B-Mode and Vibro-Elastography Images for Automatic 3-D Segmentation of the Prostate
* Image-Based Variational Meshing
* Improving Prostate Cancer (PCa) Classification Performance by Using Three-Player Minimax Game to Reduce Data Source Heterogeneity
* Learning-Based Multi-Label Segmentation of Transrectal Ultrasound Images for Prostate Brachytherapy
* Mesh Adaptation for Improving Elasticity Reconstruction Using the FEM Inverse Problem
* Model-Based Registration of Ex Vivo and In Vivo MRI of the Prostate Using Elastography*
* Multi-Atlas-Based Segmentation Framework for Prostate Brachytherapy, A
* Real-Time FEM-Based Registration of 3-D to 2.5-D Transrectal Ultrasound Images
* Real-Time Image-Based B-Mode Ultrasound Image Simulation of Needles Using Tensor-Product Interpolation
* Real-Time Vessel Segmentation and Tracking for Ultrasound Imaging Applications
* Reducing the Hausdorff Distance in Medical Image Segmentation With Convolutional Neural Networks
* Registration of 3D Ultrasound Through an Air-Tissue Boundary
* Registration of Whole-Mount Histology and Volumetric Imaging of the Prostate Using Particle Filtering
* Robot-Assisted Medical Imaging: A Review
* Three-Dimensional Multi-Frequency Shear Wave Absolute Vibro-Elastography (3D S-WAVE) With a Matrix Array Transducer: Implementation and Preliminary In Vivo Study of the Liver
* Tissue Tracking and Registration for Image-Guided Surgery
* Toward Intra-Operative Prostate Photoacoustic Imaging: Configuration Evaluation and Implementation Using the da Vinci Research Kit
* Travelling Wave Expansion: A Model Fitting Approach to the Inverse Problem of Elasticity Reconstruction
* Ultrasound RF Time Series for Classification of Breast Lesions
* Use of Needle Track Detection to Quantify the Displacement of Stranded Seeds Following Prostate Brachytherapy
Includes: Salcudean, S.E. Salcudean, S.E.[Septimiu E.]
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