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Scabia, M. Co Author Listing * Real-Time 2-D Vector Doppler System for Clinical Experimentation, A

Scabini, L.F.S.[Leonardo F. S.] Co Author Listing * Deep Convolutional Neural Networks for Plant Species Characterization Based on Leaf Midrib
* Evaluating Deep Convolutional Neural Networks as Texture Feature Extractors
* Fusion of complex networks and randomized neural networks for texture analysis
* Texture Analysis by Bag-Of-Visual-Words of Complex Networks
* Web-Based System to Assess Texture Analysis Methods and Datasets, A
Includes: Scabini, L.F.S.[Leonardo F. S.] Scabini, L.F.S.[Leonardo F.S.]

Scaboo, A.[Andrew] Co Author Listing * Estimation of the Maturity Date of Soybean Breeding Lines Using UAV-Based Multispectral Imagery

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