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Selva, J.[Javier] Co Author Listing * Context-Aware Personality Inference in Dyadic Scenarios: Introducing the UDIVA Dataset
* Dyadformer: A Multi-modal Transformer for Long-Range Modeling of Dyadic Interactions
* Estimation Models for Nonuniformly Sampled Signals: Application to Multiple Delay Estimation
* Folded Recurrent Neural Networks for Future Video Prediction
* Improved Phase Filter for Differential SAR Interferometry Based on an Iterative Method, An
* ML Estimation and Detection of Multiple Frequencies Through Periodogram Estimate Refinement
Includes: Selva, J.[Javier] Selva, J.

Selva, M.[Massimo] Co Author Listing * Bi-cubic interpolation for shift-free pan-sharpening
* Effects of multitemporal scene changes on pansharpening fusion
* Generalized Laplacian Pyramid-Based Fusion of MS + P Image Data with Spectral Distortion Minimization
* Improving Component Substitution Pansharpening Through Multivariate Regression of MS+Pan Data
* Improving Land Cover Classification Using Extended Multi-Attribute Profiles (EMAP) Enhanced Color, Near Infrared, and LiDAR Data
* Influence of the System MTF on the On-Board Lossless Compression of Hyperspectral Raw Data
* MTF-tailored Multiscale Fusion of High-resolution MS and Pan Imagery
* Multispectral and Panchromatic Data Fusion Assessment Without Reference
* Quality of Remote Sensing Optical Images from Acquisition to Users, The
Includes: Selva, M.[Massimo] Selva, M.
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Selvabala, A.J.[A. Jeevani] Co Author Listing * Dental cyst delineation using live wire algorithm

Selvaggi, F. Co Author Listing * Dual camera intelligent sensor for high definition 360 degrees surveillance

Selvaggi, I. Co Author Listing * Automated Voxel Model From Point Clouds For Structural Analysis Of Cultural Heritage
* Point Cloud Dataset and FEM for a Complex Geometry: The San Luzi Bell Tower Case Study

Selvaggio, G.[Gianluca] Co Author Listing * Image Analysis for Automatic Characterization of Polyhydroxyalcanoates Granules

Selvakumar, K. Co Author Listing * Computer-aided diagnosis of retinal diseases using multidomain feature fusion
* Least squares estimation-based adaptive observation model for aerial visual tracking applications

Selvakumar, S. Co Author Listing * Steganogram removal using multidirectional diffusion in Fourier domain while preserving perceptual image quality

Selvakumaran, S. Co Author Listing * Combined InSAR and Terrestrial Structural Monitoring of Bridges

Selvam, I.R.P.[Ithaya Rani Panner] Co Author Listing * Gender recognition based on face image using reinforced local binary patterns

Selvamani, B.R.[B. Radhika] Co Author Listing * Virtual chaotic traffic simulation

Selvamegala, S. Co Author Listing * Race Classification Based on Facial Features

Selvan, A.N. Co Author Listing * Computer vision methods for optical microscopes

Selvan, A.T. Co Author Listing * Cross-domain clustering performed by transfer of knowledge across domains
* Domain adaptation using weighted sub-space sampling for object categorization

Selvan, R. Co Author Listing * Increasing Accuracy of Optimal Surfaces Using Min-Marginal Energies

Selvan, S.[Srinivasan] Co Author Listing * Image texture classification using wavelet based curve fitting and probabilistic neural network
* Removal of high density salt and pepper noise using neighborhood based switching filter
* SVD-Based Modeling for Image Texture Classification Using Wavelet Transformation
Includes: Selvan, S.[Srinivasan] Selvan, S.[Shirley]

Selvan, T.[Tirumarai] Co Author Listing * Modeling Sequential Domain Shift through Estimation of Optimal Sub-spaces for Categorization

Selvapandian, A. Co Author Listing * Performance analysis of meningioma brain tumor classifications based on gradient boosting classifier

Selvaperumal, S.K.[Sathish Kumar] Co Author Listing * Image Captioning for Video Surveillance System using Neural Networks

Selvaraj, A.[Arivazhagan] Co Author Listing * Bimodal recognition of affective states with the features inspired from human visual and auditory perception system
* Gender discrimination, age group classification and carried object recognition from gait energy image using fusion of parallel convolutional neural network
* Infrared and visible image fusion using multi-scale NSCT and rolling-guidance filter

Selvaraj, D.[Deepika] Co Author Listing * integrated feature frame work for automated segmentation of COVID-19 infection from lung CT images, An

Selvaraj, K.R. Co Author Listing * Smart-Learning Networked Controllers for Centralized Air-Conditioning Systems Using Model-View-Controller Model

Selvaraj, M.G.[Michael Gomez] Co Author Listing * Estimating rice yield related traits and quantitative trait loci analysis under different nitrogen treatments using a simple tower-based field phenotyping system with modified single-lens reflex cameras
* Prediction of Aboveground Biomass of Three Cassava (Manihot esculenta) Genotypes Using a Terrestrial Laser Scanner
* Predictive Modeling of Above-Ground Biomass in Brachiaria Pastures from Satellite and UAV Imagery Using Machine Learning Approaches
Includes: Selvaraj, M.G.[Michael Gomez] Selvaraj, M.G.[Michael G.]

Selvaraj, N.P.[Nagendra Prabhu] Co Author Listing * Brain MR image tumor detection and classification using neuro fuzzy with binary cuckoo search technique

Selvaraj, P.[Priyadharsini] Co Author Listing * Enhanced copy-paste forgery detection in digital images using scale-invariant feature transform
* Inter-frame forgery detection and localisation in videos using earth mover's distance metric

Selvaraj, T.G.[Thomas George] Co Author Listing * Classification of EEG signals for detection of epileptic seizure activities based on feature extraction from brain maps using image processing algorithms
* Intramuscular EMG classifier for detecting myopathy and neuropathy

Selvarajah, K. Co Author Listing * Wireless technology applications to enhance traveller safety

Selvaraju, A.[Anbuchezhiyan] Co Author Listing * 2.5D vehicle odometry estimation

Selvaraju, P.[Pratheba] Co Author Listing * BuildingNet: Learning to Label 3D Buildings

Selvaraju, R.R.[Ramprasaath R.] Co Author Listing * Can domain adaptation make object recognition work for everyone?
* CASTing Your Model: Learning to Localize Improves Self-Supervised Representations
* Choose Your Neuron: Incorporating Domain Knowledge Through Neuron-Importance
* Counting Everyday Objects in Everyday Scenes
* Grad-CAM: Visual Explanations from Deep Networks via Gradient-Based Localization
* PreViTS: Contrastive Pretraining with Video Tracking Supervision
* SQuINTing at VQA Models: Introspecting VQA Models With Sub-Questions
* Taking a HINT: Leveraging Explanations to Make Vision and Language Models More Grounded
Includes: Selvaraju, R.R.[Ramprasaath R.] Selvaraju, R.R.
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Selvathi, D.[Dharmar] Co Author Listing * Connected component-based technique for automatic extraction of road centerline in high resolution satellite images
* Performance analysis of computer aided brain tumor detection system using ANFIS classifier
* Phase based distance regularized level set for the segmentation of ultrasound kidney images
* Realization of Beamlet Transform edge detection algorithm using FPGA
* Segmentation of tissues in MR images using Modified Spatial Fuzzy C Means algorithm
Includes: Selvathi, D.[Dharmar] Selvathi, D.

Selvathi, R.D.[Rufus D.] Co Author Listing * Performance analysis of brain tissues and tumor detection and grading system using ANFIS classifier

Selver, M.A.[M. Alper] Co Author Listing * Automatic Detection of Emotional Changes Induced by Social Support Loss Using fMRI

Selvi, G.U.V.[G. Uma Vetri] Co Author Listing * CT and MRI image compression using wavelet-based contourlet transform and binary array technique

Selvi, S.S. Co Author Listing * Variable dimension range and domain block-based fractal image coding
* Variable dimension vector quantization based image watermarking
Includes: Selvi, S.S. Selvi, S.S.[S. Sethu]

Selvi, S.T.[S. Thamarai] Co Author Listing * BIONET: an artificial neural network model for diagnosis of diseases
* Discrimination of microaneurysm in color retinal images using texture descriptors
Includes: Selvi, S.T.[S. Thamarai] Selvi, S.T.[S. Tamil]

Selviah, D.R.[David R.] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Human Activity-Aided Hand-Held Smartphone-Based Pedestrian Dead Reckoning Positioning System, An
* Correspondence rejection by trilateration for 3D point cloud registration
* Light engine and optics for HELIUM3D auto-stereoscopic laser scanning display

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