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Sens dos Santos, B.[Bianca] Co Author Listing * Multivariate Bayesian cognitive modeling for unsupervised quality control of baked pizzas

Senserrick, T.[Teresa] Co Author Listing * What contextual and demographic factors predict drivers' decision to engage in secondary tasks?

Senshiki, H. Co Author Listing * Blind image restoration utilizing total variation regularization, shock filter and gradient reliability map

Senshu, H.[Hiroki] Co Author Listing * LED-powered mini-lidar for martian atmospheric dust studies
* Ubiquitous Interactive Visualization of 3-D Mantle Convection through Web Applications Using Java

Sensi, F.[Francesco] Co Author Listing * Hippocampal Segmentation Tool Within an Open Cloud Infrastructure, An

Sensoy, M.[Murat] Co Author Listing * Misclassification Risk and Uncertainty Quantification in Deep Classifiers

Senst, T.[Tobias] Co Author Listing * Clustering Motion for Real-Time Optical Flow Based Tracking
* Cross based robust local optical flow
* Crowd analysis in non-static cameras using feature tracking and multi-person density
* Detecting people carrying objects based on an optical flow motion model
* Detecting People Carrying Objects Utilizing Lagrangian Dynamics
* Detection of static objects for the task of video surveillance
* Efficient real-time local optical flow estimation by means of integral projections
* Hyper-parameter optimization for convolutional neural network committees based on evolutionary algorithms
* II-LK: A Real-Time Implementation for Sparse Optical Flow
* motion-enhanced hybrid Probability Hypothesis Density filter for real-time multi-human tracking in video surveillance scenarios, A
* On building decentralized wide-area surveillance networks based on ONVIF
* Person Re-identification Using Region Covariance in a Multi-feature Approach
* Robust local optical flow estimation using bilinear equations for sparse motion estimation
* Robust Local Optical Flow for Feature Tracking
* Robust local optical flow: Long-range motions and varying illuminations
* Robust modified L2 local optical flow estimation and feature tracking
* VisDrone-VDT2018: The Vision Meets Drone Video Detection and Tracking Challenge Results
Includes: Senst, T.[Tobias] Senst, T.
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Sensusiati, A.D.[Anggraini Dwi] Co Author Listing * 3D craniofacial reconstruction framework using elastic surface deformation based on automatic landmark positioning

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