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Shrobe, H.[Howard] Co Author Listing * Generating multiple new designs from a sketch
* Simultaneous Localization, Calibration, and Tracking in an ad Hoc Sensor Network

Shroff, G.[Gautam] Co Author Listing * Calibrating Deep Neural Networks using Explicit Regularisation and Dynamic Data Pruning
* Children's sensitivity to configural cues in faces undergoing rotational motion
* Information Extraction from Document Images via FCA based Template Detection and Knowledge Graph Rule Induction
Includes: Shroff, G.[Gautam] Shroff, G.[Gina] Shroff, G.

Shroff, H. Co Author Listing * Finding Shape Axes Using Magnetic Fields
* Spatio-angular fluorescence microscopy I. Basic theory
* Spatio-angular fluorescence microscopy II. Paraxial 4f imaging
Includes: Shroff, H. Shroff, H.[Hari]

Shroff, N. Co Author Listing * Predicting Dynamical Evolution of Human Activities from a Single Image
* Variable focus video: Reconstructing depth and video for dynamic scenes
* Video Précis: Highlighting Diverse Aspects of Videos

Shroff, N.B. Co Author Listing * Bayesian Approach to Error Concealment in Encoded Video Streams, A
* Distributed Signal Decorrelation and Detection in Multi View Camera Networks Using the Vector Sparse Matrix Transform
* Error concealment techniques for encoded video streams
* Error Resilience and Concealment in Embedded Zerotree Wavelet Codecs
* Fast Suboptimal Approach to Error Concealment in Encoded Video Streams, A
* Moving vistas: Exploiting motion for describing scenes
* Video and image systems engineering education for the 21st century
Includes: Shroff, N.B. Shroff, N.B.[Nitesh B.]
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Shroff, P. Co Author Listing * Focus Longer to See Better: Recursively Refined Attention for Fine-Grained Image Classification

Shroff, S.A.[Sapna A.] Co Author Listing * Lateral superresolution using a posteriori phase shift estimation for a moving object: experimental results
* Phase-shift estimation in sinusoidally illuminated images for lateral superresolution

Shropshire, E.[Erin] Co Author Listing * 3D Pyramid Pooling Network for Abdominal MRI Series Classification

Shrot, S.[Shai] Co Author Listing * Complementary Phase Encoding for Pair-wise Neural Deblurring of Accelerated Brain MRI

Shrout, J.D.[Joshua D.] Co Author Listing * H-EMD: A Hierarchical Earth Mover's Distance Method for Instance Segmentation

Shrout, O.[Oren] Co Author Listing * GraVoS: Voxel Selection for 3D Point-Cloud Detection
* IKEA Ego 3D Dataset: Understanding furniture assembly actions from ego-view 3D Point Clouds

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