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Sobia, M.C.[M. Carmel] Co Author Listing * Eye localization towards developing a head postures based interface for wheelchair

Sobiech Wolf, J.[Jennifer] Co Author Listing * Assessing Spatiotemporal Variations of Landsat Land Surface Temperature and Multispectral Indices in the Arctic Mackenzie Delta Region between 1985 and 2018
Includes: Sobiech Wolf, J.[Jennifer] Sobiech-Wolf, J.[Jennifer]

Sobiech, M.[Marcin] Co Author Listing * Potentialities and Limitations of Research on VHRS Data: Alexander the Great's Military Camp at Gaugamela on the Navkur Plain in Kurdish Iraq as a Test Case

Sobiecki, A.[Andre] Co Author Listing * Comparison of curve and surface skeletonization methods for voxel shapes
* Qualitative Comparison of Contraction-Based Curve Skeletonization Methods
* Unified Multiscale Framework for Planar, Surface, and Curve Skeletonization, An
Includes: Sobiecki, A.[Andre] Sobiecki, A.[André]

Sobiecki, A.C.[Andre C.] Co Author Listing * Automated Digital Hair Removal by Threshold Decomposition and Morphological Analysis
Includes: Sobiecki, A.C.[Andre C.] Sobiecki, A.C.[André C.]

Sobieraj Zlobinska, A.[Anna] Co Author Listing * Automatic Threat Detection for Historic Buildings in Dark Places Based on the Modified OptD Method
* Methodology for Processing of 3D Multibeam Sonar Big Data for Comparative Navigation
Includes: Sobieraj Zlobinska, A.[Anna] Sobieraj-Zlobinska, A.[Anna]

Sobieranski, A.C. Co Author Listing * Color image segmentation using an enhanced Gradient Network Method
* Color Skin Segmentation Based on Non-linear Distance Metrics
* Fast Gabor Filter Approach for Multi-Channel Texture Feature Discrimination, A
* Fast Pavement Location Approach for Autonomous Car Navigation, A
* Hybrid Color Segmentation Method Using a Customized Nonlinear Similarity Function
* Improving Graph-Based Image Segmentation Using Nonlinear Color Similarity Metrics
* Learning a color distance metric for region-based image segmentation
* Learning a nonlinear distance metric for supervised region-merging image segmentation
* Passive Vision Region-Based Road Detection: A Literature Review
Includes: Sobieranski, A.C. Sobieranski, A.C.[Antonio Carlos] Sobieranski, A.C.[Antonio C.]
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