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Szep, J.[Jeno] Co Author Listing * Selecting Post-Processing Schemes for Accurate Detection of Small Objects in Low-Resolution Wide-Area Aerial Imagery

Szep, S. Co Author Listing * Figure Metadata Extraction from Digital Documents

Szepesvari, C.[Csaba] Co Author Listing * Enhancing Particle Filters Using Local Likelihood Sampling
Includes: Szepesvari, C.[Csaba] Szepesvári, C.[Csaba]

Szeptycki, P.[Przemyslaw] Co Author Listing * coarse-to-fine curvature analysis-based rotation invariant 3D face landmarking, A
* Conformal mapping-based 3D face recognition
* Partial Face Biometry Using Shape Decomposition on 2D Conformal Maps of Faces
* Precise 2.5D facial landmarking via an analysis by synthesis approach

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