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Taj, F.[Faisal] Co Author Listing * Combined Categorization and Localization of Logistic Goods Using Superquadrics

Taj, I.A.[Imtiaz A.] Co Author Listing * Creation and selection of most stable discriminating features for on-line signature verification
* Efficient 2-fold contextual filtering approach for fingerprint enhancement
* Efficient fingerprint matching using GPU
* Fast video encoding based on random forests
* Fingerprint Identification With Shallow Multifeature View Classifier
* Fingerprint Image Enhancement Using Decimation Free Directional Adaptive Mean Filtering
* Low complexity high efficiency coding of light fields using ensemble classifiers
* Retracted: Robust Retinal Vessel Segmentation using Vessel's Location Map and Frangi Enhancement Filter
* Robust fingerprint classification with Bayesian convolutional networks
* Robust palmprint identification using efficient enhancement and two-stage matching technique
* Velocity and pressure-based partitions of horizontal and vertical trajectories for on-line signature verification
Includes: Taj, I.A.[Imtiaz A.] Taj, I.A.[Imtiaz Ahmad]
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Taj, M.[Murtaza] Co Author Listing * 2D articulated human pose tracking: A hybrid approach
* Audiovisual Tracking Using STAC Sensors
* Comprehensive Online Network Pruning Via Learnable Scaling Factors
* Content-aware ranking of video segments
* Detection and Tracking of Humans and Faces
* Dimensionality Reduction Using Discriminative Autoencoders for Remote Sensing Image Retrieval
* Distributed and Decentralized Multicamera Tracking
* Distributed visual sensing for virtual top-view trajectory generation in football videos
* Efficient 2D human pose estimation using mean-shift
* Efficient Multitarget Visual Tracking Using Random Finite Sets
* Interaction recognition in wide areas using audiovisual sensors
* More for less: Insights into convolutional nets for 3D point cloud recognition
* Multi-Camera Scene Analysis using an Object-Centric Continuous Distribution Hidden Markov Model
* Multi-Modal Particle Filtering Tracking using Appearance, Motion and Audio Likelihoods
* Neural Network Pruning Through Constrained Reinforcement Learning
* Object and Scene-Centric Activity Detection Using State Occupancy Duration Modeling
* Objective Evaluation of Pedestrian and Vehicle Tracking on the CLEAR Surveillance Dataset
* Residual-Dyad Encoder Discriminator Network for Remote Sensing Image Matching, A
* Spatio-Temporal Crop Classification on Volumetric Data
Includes: Taj, M.[Murtaza] Taj, M.
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