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Tawara, N. Co Author Listing * Sequential Fish Catch Forecasting Using Bayesian State Space Models

Tawari, A.[Ashish] Co Author Listing * Audio-visual data association for face expression analysis
* Continuous Head Movement Estimator for Driver Assistance: Issues, Algorithms, and On-Road Evaluations
* Face Expression Recognition by Cross Modal Data Association
* Grounding Human-To-Vehicle Advice for Self-Driving Vehicles
* Head Dynamic Analysis: A Multi-view Framework
* Head, Eye, and Hand Patterns for Driver Activity Recognition
* On surveillance for safety critical events: In-vehicle video networks for predictive driver assistance systems
* Speech Emotion Analysis in Noisy Real-World Environment
* Toward Privacy-Protecting Safety Systems for Naturalistic Driving Videos
* Vision on Wheels: Looking at Driver, Vehicle, and Surround for On-Road Maneuver Analysis
Includes: Tawari, A.[Ashish] Tawari, A.
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