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Tokmakidis, P. Co Author Listing * Surveying, Modeling And 3D Representation of A Wreck for Diving Purposes: Cargo Ship Vera
* Use of 3D Scanning And Photogrammetry Techniques in the Case Study Of the Roman Theatre of Nikopolis. Surveying, Virtual Reconstruction And Restoration Study., The

Tokmakov, P.[Pavel] Co Author Listing * Learning Compositional Representations for Few-Shot Recognition
* Learning Motion Patterns in Videos
* Learning to Segment Moving Objects
* Learning Video Object Segmentation with Visual Memory
* Structured Model for Action Detection, A
* TAO: A Large-scale Benchmark for Tracking Any Object
* Towards Latent Attribute Discovery From Triplet Similarities
* Towards Segmenting Anything That Moves
* Weakly-Supervised Semantic Segmentation Using Motion Cues
Includes: Tokmakov, P.[Pavel] Tokmakov, P.
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