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Tunik, B.[Bethany] Co Author Listing * Automatic Assessment of Infant Face and Upper-Body Symmetry as Early Signs of Torticollis
* Computer Vision to the Rescue: Infant Postural Symmetry Estimation from Incongruent Annotations

Tuniq, J.[Juupi] Co Author Listing * Tenuous Correlation between Snow Depth or Sea Ice Thickness and C- or X-Band Backscattering in Nunavik Fjords of the Hudson Strait

Tunis, C.J. Co Author Listing * System for the Automatic Recognition of Patterns, A

Tunison, P. Co Author Listing * KWIVER: An open source cross-platform video exploitation framework
* Multi-Modal Detection Fusion on a Mobile UGV for Wide-Area, Long-Range Surveillance
* Open source structure-from-motion for aerial video
* Real-time multi-target tracking at 210 megapixels/second in Wide Area Motion Imagery
* Tattoo detection and localization using region-based deep learning
Includes: Tunison, P. Tunison, P.[Paul]

Tuniyazi, A.[Abudusalamu] Co Author Listing * Multiscale Information Fusion for Hyperspectral Image Classification Based on Hybrid 2D-3D CNN
* Superpixel-by-Superpixel Clustering Framework for Hyperspectral Change Detection, A
* Swin-Transformer-Enabled YOLOv5 with Attention Mechanism for Small Object Detection on Satellite Images

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