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Turmer, S. Co Author Listing * Low-cost Optical Camera System for Disaster Monitoring
* Low-cost optical Camera Systems for real-time Mapping Applications
* Registration of High Resolution SAR and Optical Satellite Imagery in Urban Areas
Includes: Turmer, S. Türmer, S. (Maybe also Tuermer, S.)Türmer, S.[Sebastian] (Maybe also Tuermer, S.)

Turmon, M. Co Author Listing * Recognizing Chromospheric Objects via Markov Chain Monte Carlo

Turmukhambetov, D.[Daniyar] Co Author Listing * Harmonic Networks: Deep Translation and Rotation Equivariance
* Interpretable Transformations with Encoder-Decoder Networks
* Learning Stereo from Single Images
* Map-Free Visual Relocalization: Metric Pose Relative to a Single Image
* Modeling object appearance using Context-Conditioned Component Analysis
* Predicting Visual Overlap of Images Through Interpretable Non-metric Box Embeddings
* Self-Supervised Monocular Depth Hints
* Single Image Depth Prediction with Wavelet Decomposition
* Single-image Depth Prediction Makes Feature Matching Easier
Includes: Turmukhambetov, D.[Daniyar] Turmukhambetov, D.
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